Saturday, 1 March 2014

Medicine Machine: Capsule relatived pharmaceutical machine

Medicine Machine: Capsule relatived pharmaceutical machine: ...

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pharma Machinery: Vacuum Homogeneous Mixer

Pharma Machinery: Vacuum Homogeneous Mixer:     APPLICATION: Pharmaceutical: ointment. ...

Monday, 24 June 2013

Pharma Machinery: JT Series Lifting Charging Machine

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Low-temperature And Dust-free Hammer Mill

It’s suitable for heat sensitive materials.
This system can meet the requirements of low temperature, dust free and adjustment of granularity. The main measures are that when pulverizing materials, supplying the cold air at the same time, and control the speed of feeding by an adjustable, speed control screw feeder, thus, to make sure that the temperature of crushed material is lower than set value in process of pulverizing. Different granularity can be obtained by adjusting speed of rotary knife and replacing different sieve mesh. The powder flows in an airtight system in the whole process, which is collected by separating gas and solid, and then the dust-free exhaust is exhaled.
Main technical parameters:
Production capacity(kg/h)
Fineness of pulverization (mesh)
Granularity of feed stock(mm)
Diameter of movable fluted disc (mm)
Speed of main shaft (rpm)
Motor power (kW)
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)

Friday, 10 August 2012

BGB-10F High-efficiency Coating Machine

Usage :
The BGB-10F high-efficiency Coating Machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. It is a high-efficiency, energysaving, safe, clean and mechatronics equipment for coating tablets, pills and candies with organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film and sugar film etc, Which conforms to the requirement of GMP
Features :
•BGB-10F Coating Machine not only possesses basic functions and characteristics of C-type machine , but also has the following characteristics.
•It is the best model for exploring coating coating technology in pharmaceutical laboratory.
•The coating drum can be replaced according to the coating technology batch.
•Replacement of the coating drum is convenient and fast.
•Main machine and hot air systems are integrated and compact with air collecting in clean area
Working principle :
The table cores make continuous and complicated orbital motion within the closed rotating drum under the action of a streamline guide plate. During the motion, coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot air is supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablet core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of table cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film.
Main technical parameters :

Model BGB-10F BGB-20F BGB-40F
Production capacity (kg/run) 10 20 40
Three drums for one machine(kg/batch) 3、5、10 5、10、20 20、40
Diameter of drum(mm) 500、520、610 520、580、680 720、850
Speed-adjusting range of coating drum (rpm) 6-30 6-25 4-21
Motor power of main machine(kW) 0.55 0.75 1.1
Temperature-regulating range of hot air (° C ) Normal temperature~80°C
Motor power of hot air machine(kW) 0.75 0.75 1.1
Motor power of exhaust machine (kW) 2.2 2.2 3
Motor power of vibration dust-cleaning device(kW) 0.37 0.37 0.37
Motor power of peristalsis pump(kW) 0.18 0.03 0.18
Overall dimension of main machine (mm) 970×
Weight of main machine (kg) 450 500

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Through-circulation Dryer

Through-circulation Dryer 
Drying for powder, granule, fine granule, long granule, pellet which contains moisture until get required content of moisture.

The drying product is placed on the drying tray which are made of special screen or punched hole plate. The drying tray is placed in the active trolley which has several layers, hot air pierces into the product vertically and removes moisture by special guide flow design to get the drying purpose.

Drying for pharmaceutical, Chinese herbal medicine, Health food, any kind of chemical wet granule and powder.
Hot air pierces into the product and removes moisture quickly to get highly efficient
Large air volume, short time, the drying rate is 2 ~ 4 times faster than the
  conventional dryer.
Temperature is uniform in each tray, no need to change position of the product
drying process.
The product is pierced drying by hot air within the same time, no color difference
The moveable trolley can move up and down also easy cleaning.
All the design and manufacture are qualified cGMP standard and FDA requirement.


Model TD-10 TD-15 TD-20 TD-30 TD-40
Working Batch (KG)
Actual weight count
of density: 0.4
60-100 75-150 100-200 150-300 200-400
Pattern Size
(W x L x H) mm