Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Auto Medicine plate packaging machine

Auto Medicine plate packaging machine
Quick Details
 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: NICE Model Number: NC260
Type: Packing Machine Packaging Material: Plastic Automatic Grade: Automatic
Application: Medical Condition: New Packaging Type: Other
Driven Type: Electric

Easy operation,user-friendly auto medicine plate packing machine
Auto Medicine plate packaging machine

A. Features:
1,Equipped with high precision empty bag checking and rejecling device.
2,Equipped with steel character impressing at the intermediate sealing and continuous printing apparatus.
3,The terminal sealing cutter is always open ant halt mode.
4,Photoelect ric tracing for the printing scale pot to autocompensate backwards and forwards.
5,Maintenanc-free barycenter type Unloader
6,Adiustment mechanism for material handing without stop

B. Scope of Application: Suitable for the packing of articles of fairly regular shapes or fairy heavy articles,such as plates of pills with large density.
DSC00075.JPGmedicine plate packing.jpg

Semi automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

  *Semi automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: Higee Model Number: LBY50
Type: Labeling Machine Packaging Material: Paper Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Power: 0.2kw Application: food,medicine,cosmetic etc. Condition: New
Packaging Type: bottles, cans etc. Driven Type: Electric Advantage: semi-automatic precise labeling
Qualtiy: Good quality Application: Round Bottle Power Supply: single-phase220V 50/60hz 0.2kw
Labeling Speed: 20-50pcs/min Accuracy of Labeling: ±0.5mm Applicable Bootle Diameter: 20-90mm
Applicable Bootle Hight: 30-200mm Other: Special design according to requirement ...
1. semi automatic labeling machine
2. economic and operate easily
3. suitable for all kinds of cylindrical objects
Semi automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine 

The semi automatic labeling mchine is suitable for all kinds of cylindrical objects, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles. (The cone objects can be customized)

  1. semi automatic labeling machine
  2. portable and economic labeling machine
  3. Client can choose to add coding machine.
  4. Special specification labeling machine can be customized according to different bottles

Technical Parameters:
 Name:Semi automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
 Size of Machine 570(L)×250(W)×500(H)mm
 Labeling Speed  20-50pcs/min
 Height of Object 30-200mm
Thickness of object  30-90mm
 Height of Label 15-140mm
 Length of Label 25-300mm  
 Accuracy of Labeling ±0.5mm
 Label roller inside diameter 76mm
 Label roller outside diameter 300mm
 Power Supply  220V 0.2KW 50/60HZ
 Gas consumption of Printer 5Kg/cm^2 (if add coding machine)
Weight of Machine 25Kg


Synchronous belt
Sponge wheel synchronous belt
Copper letter /steel letter
Self-adhesive label


Code machine (max. 50pcs/minute)
Transparent label monitor

We are dedicated to provide all kinds of semi automatic labeling mahcine and automatic labeling solution for your different labeling application and requirements. Welcome to contact us for more technical support to get the most suitable labeling solution for your specific technical and budget requirement.

Monday, 30 January 2012

HL Hopper Type Mixer

HL Hopper Type Mixer
  Quick Details
Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: LPMIE Model Number: HL
Application: Powder Type: Mixing Machine Type: Mixing Machine  
Application: Granules
HL hopper type mixing machine is extensively used for the mixing of powder with powder or powder with grain in the process
HL hopper type mixer is extensively used for the mixing of powder with powder or powder with grain in the process of diversified solid preparation production in the pharmaceutical industry. THis machine can be equipped with hoppers of various specifications, i.e. 600L to 1400L, for mixing work. It is suitable for mixing pharmaceuticals of multiple varieties and different batches according to the technological requirement in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, so it can achieve multiple purposes in one machine.

After tightly clamping the charged hopper, the rotating arm begins to rotate at a speed below 50% of the critical speed according to the preset technological parameters. As the symmetrical axes of hopper and the rotating center line of rotating arm form an included angle, materials with different constituents are strenuously rolling over in the closed hopper and producing high shear to achieve the best effect of mixing.

Technical data:

Maximum working load
600 Kg
1000 Kg
Maximum hopper capacity (L)
400, 600
600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400
Maximum volume density of material
≤0.8 g/ml
≤0.8 g/ml
Total power
11 kW
15 kW
Rotating arm speed
1218 rpm
1215 rpm
Operating pressure of hydraulic system
7 Mpa
Operating pressure of pneumatic system
≥0.6 Mpa
Maximum rotating diameter
2200 mm
2910 mm
Range of working zone
2400 mm
3200 mm
Height of body frame
2150 mm
2700 mm

MYH-500 Model Drying Tunnel

MYH-500 Model Drying Tunnel
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Liaoning China (Mainland) Brand Name: LPMIE Model Number: MYH-500
Application: glass bottle, vials Type: Drying Machine Type: Drying Machine
MYH-500 Model Drying Tunnel Displayed by LCD, the setting-ups and total operation procedures are controlled by PLC. Complete
MYH-500 Model Drying Tunnel
Displayed by LCD, the setting-ups and total operation procedures are controlled by PLC. Complete 102 grade air purification system, each air in-let and ventilation guard has 102 grade air purification systems, so as to ensure the working cavity under the status of 102 grade purification.

Functions of parameter display, parameter setting, thermal curve recording.
Silicon controlled rectifier voltage modular is rendered for controlling temperature, free of contact terminal, free of sound, with very small flooding influence to the power net, and very small thermal inertia.
Chain wheel mechanism with web-belt transition system avoids the easily saturated transition and bottles tilting from that of general web-belt.

Technical Parameters
Heating section temperature: up to 350oC (settable)
Bottle mouth temperature:≤50oC
Noise: <70dB
Electric power: 380V 50Hz
Dimension: 6000X1200X1400 or according to requirement of customer
Power: 38KW
Weight: about 2000KGS

Sunday, 29 January 2012

YYG-NT Heterogeneous Type Eye Medicine Filling Machine

YYG-NT Heterogeneous Type Eye Medicine Filling Machine
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: MINHUA Model Number: YYG-NT
Application: Liquid Type: Filling Equipment
Product capacity:40-50 bottle /min

Applied bottle :5-30ml

Package accuracy :0-2%
This machine is the eye drops or the liquid medicine containing menthol bottle fills installs the equipment .Uses the bottle box structure ,each box of 8 jars ,the structure simple ,the movement reliable ,the performance is stable ; Is this kind of jar ideal fills seals the equipment.

Product capacity:40-50 bottle /min
Applied bottle :5-30ml
Package accuracy :0-2%
Compressed air consumption quantity :0.3 ~ 0.4 M3/Min
Stored air pressure : 0.3 ~ 0.4 Mpa
Power :1.5 KW
Power Supply :380V 50HZ.
Overall Size: 1800x850x1620mm

medicine filling machine

 medicine filling machine
 Quick Details
Place of Origin: Anhui China (Mainland) Brand Name: BU&LE Model Number: BLG
Type: Filling Machine
Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Power: 10W Application: Medical Condition: New
Driven Type: Electric pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
filling speed: 10-30bottle/min filling precision: ≤±1% first model: 5-60ml
1.Its structure is more simple and reasonable
2.high precision, the operation more easy.
3.medicine filling machine
This machine is our company refer to foreign advanced filling machine technology reform and innovative products, Its structure is more simple and reasonable, high precision, the operation more easy.
Is suitable to the medicine, food, and special  industry, which is of high viscosity fluid to the ideal of filling equipment.
This machine for semi-automatic piston paste filling machine
Reasonable design, model compact, easy to operate, pneumatic parts adopt Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac the pneumatic components.
Part contacting materials adopts 316L stainless steel materials, conforming to GMP requirements.
Filling quantity and filling speed all can arbitrarily regulate, and filling high precision.
Filling MenTou using drip tight, prevent wiredrawing and lift filling device.
medicine filling machine
powerpowerpressurefilling speedfilling pricisionoptional model
10W0.4-0.6MPa10-30bottle/min≤±1%5-60ml 10-125ml

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven

Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: Nanjue Model Number: CT-C
This oven is used for materials warming, drying or desiccating in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries etc.
Working Features:
  • Using steam or electric heating, to heating the air
  • Drying the material with the cycling warm air
  • Continuously add fresh air and discharge humid air during the drying process, to keep an adequate temperature in the box
  • Small temperature difference in everywhere of the box, drying uniformity
  • Meet the requirements of GMP
Main Technical Parameters
model numberCT-C-1ACT-C-1CT-C-IICT-C-III
production capacity (Kg/box)50100200300
equipped power (Kw)*21.1*3
electric heating consumption (Kw/h)9162732
steam consumption (Kw/h)10183654
area of radiation (m²)10204080
air volume (m³/h)34503450690010350
temperature difference (°c)±2
quantity of drying tray (unit)244896144
size (mm)1400*1200*21502300*1200*21502300*2200*21503300*2200*2150

Closed Drum Type Herbal Medicine Washing Machine

 Closed Drum Type Herbal Medicine Washing Machine
 Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: Nanjue Model Number: XYJ-900
This washing machine is suitable for washing different kinds of herb materials, vegetables and fruits, etc.
Working Features:
  • Equipped with a closed rotary drum and high pressure water pump
  • Direct water source and inner circulating water available
  • Continuous production and automatic discharge
  • Ideal equipment for medicine factory and hospital
  • Meet the requirements of GMP
Main Technical Parameters
washing capacity400-1400 Kg/h
drum speed8 r/min
power2.2 Kw(motor)/1.5 Kw(water pump)
size3400*1300*1500 mm
total weight800 Kg

Friday, 27 January 2012

Machine-operated Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer

Machine-operated Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Gansu China (Mainland) Brand Name: Huayuan Technology Model Number: YXQ.WF32-06C/D
Horizontal rectangle structure. Inner container is made of stainless steel. This machine has safety interloack.
Technical parameters:
YXQ.WF32-06 C/D
Design pressure
0.245 Mpa
Working pressure
0.21-0.23 Mpa
Working temperature
Steam pressure
0.4-0.8 Mpa
Control power
Motive power
Max water consume
300 kg/time
Max quantity of steam
30 kg/time
Water pressure
0.15-0.3 Mpa
-0.086 Mpa
Compressed air pressure
0.5-0.8 Mpa
Sterilizing time
6~8 min
Sterilizing bin size
External dimension
1550×1350×1770mm(One door)
1610×1350×1770mm(Double door)
1500kg(One door)
1700kg(Double door)

Boil Medicine Machine for Chinese Traditional Medicine

Boil Medicine Machine for Chinese Traditional Medicine
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Gansu China (Mainland) Brand Name: Huayuan Technology
Saving time, power, worker. It is clear and safety. High fire and low fire switch automatically. Boil number could be control.
 Because traditional way of boiling medicine cost much more time, power, worker and cause environment pollution. After many years working, our technician developed JYL-8 automatic boiling medicine machine based on far infrared radiation principle, and promote medicine boiling way to automatic control, also keep the drug properties.
This machine adopts special design, automatic control system which has the center of PLC. And use temperature silicon controlled as main control return circuit. So there is no contactless, no noise. The number for the boiler could be setting, and operated separately. All working situation will be shown. High fire and slow fire automatically change. The shell of boiler is made of stainless steel, no corrosion, non-pollution, neat and tidy. The structure is reasonable and energy-saving.

Technical parameters:
CharacterDesk type, heating tray
Table-boardSUS304 stainless steel plate, thickness 1.0mm
Hole count of single machine6 holes,8 holes,10 holes
Pitch of hole200mm
Table-board and heating trayfovea posterior scarf fitting
Heating tray power850W slow fire and high fire automatic change
Heating tray diameterφ160mm
Control method of heating traySingle hole, parts hole, all hole control
Heating time0-99 minutes adjustable, there is a signal after timing
ProtectionFitting 250°C fuse for each hole, temperature control
Boiler sizeEight pans with cover and strainer. The size of stainless steel pan is φ200×130
Boiler diameter200mm
Boiler capacity4.2L
Material thickness of boilerStainless steel thickness 1.0mm
Power controlHaving current protector controlled by relay
External dimension900×750×800(6 holes)
1380×750×800(8 holes)
1450×750×800(10 holes)

Microwave Vacuum Dynamic Horizontal Rotary Drying Equipment For Medcine

Microwave Vacuum Dynamic Horizontal Rotary Drying Equipment For Medcine
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Gansu China (Mainland) Brand Name: Huayuan Technology Model Number: HWZS-20B
Voltage:: 380v Output:: 3-20kg/h Sterilizing capacity:: 10-20kg/1kw.h
Microwave power:: 20kw Extermal dimension:: 6600x1680x2500mm Dehydration capacity:: 0.8-1.0kg/h
Weight:: 1020kg
Saving more than 50% of energy compared with traditional drying method, and it is clean, no pullution. It has proper structure.
Main application:
The equipment can be applied to the industries such as pharamaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and so on and be used to dry, extract, sterilizing, disfecting and destroying the endexine of material which can be zbsorbed the microwave.

Structural features:
The equipment is taken the way of low vacuum and heating directly by microwave, which can save more than  50% of energy compared with traditional drying method, and it is clean, no pullution.  The place of machine of touching material are all  made of stainless steel. And it has proper structure and beautiful appearance.

Main Technical Parameters:
Microwave Power20kw
Supply Voltage380V
Area of spreading material2.6m2
Sterilization Capability10-20kg/kw.h
Dehydration Speed0.8-1.0kg/kw.h
Total Weight1020kg
External Dimension 1410x1725x2100mm

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Universal Crusher, Dust Absorption Mill, B Series pulverizer
Application & Working Principle
This machine is a cost effective and rust resistant crusher. It's generally called B series pulverizer, which is widely used in the industries of foodstuff and pharmaceuticals.
Designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel, model 30B, 40B and 60B crushing chamber is equipped with water cooling jacket, with simple structure, high output and easy cleaning. This machine is the most ideal crushing equipment at present.
The target material is impacted and crushed by the motion between the active fluted disc and the fixed fluted disc, then the crushed material enters to the collection unit by the centrifugal force. The dust from the grinding will be filtered and recycled via the fabric bag.
Technical Data of B Series
Production Capacitykg/h
Spindle speedr/min
Feeding sizemm
Crushing finenessmm
Motor powerkw
Overall dimensionmm

Automatic Strip Packing

Automatic Strip Packing Machine, SLB-350


SLB-350 is a high efficiency packing machine with double soft aluminum packing width up to 350mm.
This model is applied for the packing of tablets, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, and foodstuff industry etc with automatic double-aluminum foil hot sealing. Meeting the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also it is for double plastic hot sealing packing.
1. It completes the functions such as vibrating material feeding, broken piece filtering, counting, lengthways and transverse, indentation, cutting waste material, marking batch number etc automatically.
2. It adopts PLC programmable controller, with frequency converter, man-machine interface to operation.
3. The cutting speed and trip distance could be adjusted at random.
4. With accurate feeding, tight sealing, full purpose, stable performance, easy operation.
5. With this packing, the product grade will be enhanced, and product durability is extended. It is ideal equipment for pharmaceutical industry.
6. It has qualified by the China national Medicine Inspection of Bureau rank Center, and passed appraisal as the Science and Technology Achievement in China, and meets GMP standard.

                          Main technical parameters  
Rate of Finished Products
Max. Packing width(mm)
Packing Material(mm)
AC380V, 50HZ, 5kw
Air Pressure(Mpa)
Overall Dimension(mm, L*W*H)
Net Weight(kg)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Laboratory Vertical Autoclave

Laboratory Vertical Autoclave
We design and develop wide assortment of medical equipment that are fabricated using qualitative raw material such as mild steel, stainless steel, plastic etc. Our technologically advanced medical equipment is widely used across medicals, laboratories and other places due to accuracy. Our wide array of medical equipment encompass of the following:
Vertical Autoclave
Vertical Autoclave
Inner body is made of heavy gauge stainless steel welded. The lid and the ring are made of stainless steel plate. The lid, heavily polished and fitted with pressure gauge, safety Valve and steam exhaust valve. Safety valve is set to blow of 20lb/sq. inch to remove excess steam and maintain constant pressure. A rubber gasket is fitted in the ring to ensure steam tight joints. Outer cover made of polished stainless steel with legs. Fitted with immersion water heaters with foot lifting arrangement for bigger size of autoclave. Perforated basket-made of Aluminium is also provided.

Stability Chamber

Stability Chamber
Stability Chamber

For conditions as per ICH Guidelines (International Conference of Harmonization )
25°C – 60% RH/40°C – 75%RH/30°C – 65%RH / 25°C – 40% RH / 40°C – 25% RH / 30°C – 35% RH.

Temperature range: 10.0°C to 60.0°C. Accuracy / Uniformity: ±0.1°C/±1°C

Humidity range: 25% to 95% RH. Accuracy / Uniformity ±2%RH/±3%RH

Temperature / Humidity display: Digital LED 3½ digit

Control: Microprocessor based PID control. With Auto tune

Resolution: 0.1°C/1%RH

Temperature sensor: PT – 100

RH sensor: Direct capacitance type

Heating: ‘U’ shaped Nichrome wire heater in SS sheathing

Cooling: CFC free Copeland make compressor utilizing R 134A eco friendly refrigerant, with condenser, motor and relay

Steam injection: Boiler with reservoir made of thick stainless steel, with heater, water inlet control, low water level safeguard

Air circulation: Flange motor with impeller / blower

Construction: Double wall, with insulation, outer door key lockable, inner glass viewing door

Chamber illumination: Fluorescent light with door switch