Thursday, 26 January 2012

Automatic Strip Packing

Automatic Strip Packing Machine, SLB-350


SLB-350 is a high efficiency packing machine with double soft aluminum packing width up to 350mm.
This model is applied for the packing of tablets, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, and foodstuff industry etc with automatic double-aluminum foil hot sealing. Meeting the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also it is for double plastic hot sealing packing.
1. It completes the functions such as vibrating material feeding, broken piece filtering, counting, lengthways and transverse, indentation, cutting waste material, marking batch number etc automatically.
2. It adopts PLC programmable controller, with frequency converter, man-machine interface to operation.
3. The cutting speed and trip distance could be adjusted at random.
4. With accurate feeding, tight sealing, full purpose, stable performance, easy operation.
5. With this packing, the product grade will be enhanced, and product durability is extended. It is ideal equipment for pharmaceutical industry.
6. It has qualified by the China national Medicine Inspection of Bureau rank Center, and passed appraisal as the Science and Technology Achievement in China, and meets GMP standard.

                          Main technical parameters  
Rate of Finished Products
Max. Packing width(mm)
Packing Material(mm)
AC380V, 50HZ, 5kw
Air Pressure(Mpa)
Overall Dimension(mm, L*W*H)
Net Weight(kg)

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