Tuesday, 3 January 2012

WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: LINGLING Model Number: Model WLDH
Mixer Type: Ribbon Application: Powder Additional Capabilities: Drying
material: stainless steel colour: silvery white

1.WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer
5.mateiral:stainless steel
WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer

Working Principle & Structure:
  WLDH Series Horizontal Ribbon Mixer belongs to low speed rotary machine. The wide ribbon makes the convection of the material to achieve the mixing effect.
  It consists of container, main shaft, and the drive transmission part. The container is U shape. The machine can be made of Carbon Steel (C model) and Stainless Steel (P model). It can be also equipped with the jacket for the container. It can heat, cool or vacuum in the jacket. The inside pressure of the jacket is less than 0.1 Mpa (The pressure can be customized). Two layers screw ribbons makes the convection of the material to achieve the mixing effect rapidly. There is a discharging valve in the middle of the container bottom. The drive parts adopt separated devices, that is, the motor is connected with reducer by the strap. Thus, It can save the space and has the overload protection.
For the big load factor, small work area, this machine is applied to mix the sticky powders or granule with large capacity and stable variety. Therefore, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, pesticide, plastic, dyestuff industries, etc.

Technical Parameter:
ModelTotal Volume (L)Working Volume (L)Power (KW)Weight (kg)

Servicing & Maintenance:
1 Regarding the maintenance of the reducer, please refer to the instruction of the reducer.
2 add the lubricating grease on the two ends of the main shaft termly. The lubricating grease should according with SY/412 standard.
3 the shaft-direction seal of the container is filling seal. The filling material: Asbestos (JC68-1982) for Carbon Steel; Teflon Weaved Material (JB/T6626/1993) for Stainless steel. Check the abrasion and the seal often to assure the good seal.
4 The belt transmission is adopted to avoid the overload. The belt can be adjusted by the bolt. Please screw the nuts tight after adjusting.


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