Thursday, 22 March 2012

dry granulator

dry granulator

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: senli Model Number: ZKG100
Application: Capsule Type: Granulator
1, Pharmacy granules using at electuary, tablet, capsule filling etc.
2, Food industry granules using at food, condiment etc.
 1, Pharmacy: granules using at electuary, tablet, capsule filling etc.
2, Food industry: granules using at food, condiment etc.
3, Chemical industry and others catalyst, pigment, abstergent etc. 
Erformance Characteristics

1, Adopting Touch screen, PLC, VVVF and MSMMI system that make machine can optionally adjust speed in rated range and operation convenient and stable.
2, Advanced fault detection device: when working hydraulic system is abnormal or devices (main machine etc.) overload, it will alarm.
3, Specific stainless steel auger screw and PA66 auger screw feeding system ensure the materials feeding effective and efficient.
4, The surface of stainless steel pinch roller is treated by nitriding technology, has stronger abrasive resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance.
5, The water circulation cooling of rollers can adopt water cooling or cold water compulsively cooling, avoid materials adhesion problem.
6, Using advanced import hydraulic system that easy to operate, stable, and have high automaticity.
7, Do not need any water or ethanol to be humectants, do not need re-dry, the dry compressing granulation have less working procedure and production cost but high efficiency.
8, The final products (granules) are uniform, high density, high flow and easy to control the parameters.
9, Sealed operation: no pollution, measure up pharmaceutical hygienic standard, specially apply to material granulation that wet granulation cannot solve.
Technical parameters
Items / Model
article Size
Particle Content
Hydraulic Thrust
Electrical Requirement
380V four wire three phase 10kw
Main Machine Size
Note: A: Man-machine interface type B: Mlame-proof type, The production capacity as the calculation of nominal output from testing dextrin
 Working Process:
1,feeding inlet
2,charging barrel
3,feeding screw
4,charging barrel base
5,pinch roller
6,compression cylinder
7,platy material
8,crash knife
9,granulation roller wheel
11,finished product granules

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