Tuesday, 17 April 2012

GZPT High-speed Tablet Press Machine

GZPT High-speed Tablet Press Machine(CE approved)

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Liaoning China (Mainland) Brand Name: TYJX Model Number: GZPT26/32/40
Application: Tablet
we are the first munufacture who adopt undependent control cabinet for tablet press,which meet the requirement of FDA and CE.
the high speed tablet press adope overseas lastest structure design , advanced technical and stable running to fulfill and the client demand .which is the first who adopt the no-handwheel control systerm ,easy concise and precise .

1> Perfect tablet pressing systerm
 Double forming ,narrow intervene ,big pressing wheel and frame construction design make the machine own the ability of undeformation under the pressure ,long time pressed tablet and stable working operation ,which guarantees tablet weight accuracy and tablet hardnessof large tablet ,machine run stably and low noise
2>Central lubrication systerm
Intermittent micro flowerily automatical pressure lubrication systerm , providing high precision micro distributing valve and central lubrication pump , which guarantee punch and cam's full lubrication , futhermore solve the problem of oil leakage .Progressive semi=automatically central lubrication systerm dusrantees lubrication systerm 's clearness , convenience and reliability
3> Precious tablet weight controlling  systerm
the high accurate micro pressure sensor and high gain , low noise amplifier with the function of temperature compensation &self testing ,which make precious ,reliable tablet pressing test , special- purpose industrial controlling hardware computer systerm and scientific ,useful controlling sofeware ,advanced HML systerm ,consists of advanced ,reliable ,convenient operation tablet weight controlling systerm ,and can reject in bulk and single function .
4> The Main technical Data
 NAME                     GZPT 26GZPT32GZPT40GZPT-45
Punch type (EU)DBBBBBS
Number of  Press Station26324045
Max Tablet Diameter25161311
Max main pressure100808080
Max pre-pressure20202020
Max filling depth20181818
Output (tablet/h)170000210000260000280000
Weiht (kg)1650165016501650


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