Sunday, 15 April 2012

Small Chinese Medicine Grinder Machine

Small Chinese Medicine Grinder Machine

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Brand Name: ALL PRO Model Number: YF-150
Application: Powder Type: powder materials: Stainless steel
Crushing fineness (Mesh) : 30-300
Voltage (V / Hz) : 220 / 50
Speed (r/min) : 25000
Weight (kg) : 10.5
Crushing fineness (Mesh) : 30-300
Voltage (V / Hz) : 220 / 50
Speed (r/min) : 25000
Weight (kg) : 10 .5
Volume (mm) : 190 *210 * 330
Motor power (W) : 1300
Output kg/h : 10

The machine features:
1, compact and beautiful, directly on the desktop use.
2, low noise, no auxiliary equipment, especially suitable for pharmacy for customers on the spot processing.
3, ultra-high speed motor design, medicinal material crushing can reach more than 100 mesh.
4, rapid, crushing the hardest powder of traditional Chinese medicine 300g whole most also but five minutes (80-150 courses).
5, safety and health, knives, accord with complete by stainless steel makes Chinese requirements.
6, medicinal material loss is tiny, it is easy washing machine. Powder of different materials never string color changing.
7, simple operation, personnel without special training.
8, durable, consumables less, economical.
High-speed TCM crusher (flour-mixing machine), is indispensable to the Chinese medicine tools, beaten to replace the traditional restow medicine tools,
Suitable for laboratory, food processing, chemical and feed industry use. Crushing effect is excellent, very fast, the operation is very simple and machine extremely durable.

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