Monday, 21 May 2012

medicine disintegration relief-time set instrument

medicine disintegration relief-time set instrument

LB-2B medicine cracking relief-time set installation serves to examine medicine cracking relief time stop, such as solid prepared tablet, sugar Coating tablet, thin film tablet, intestings solvent tablet, immered ingredient tablet and capsule etc. Projection of advanced curcuit adopted, having efect of thermo-control digital display and value display time set controlling of stop-ping machine, thermostatic accuracy high, intuition good, such a installation for examination of medicine cracking relief time set has a position of leading level at home. Its technical index is completely in accordance with standard specified in medicine Code 2000 edition of china. 

Technical data: 

Thermostatic accuracy:37± 0.5°C
Thermo control display, digital display by31/2 set LED flour tube
Limit of time set at cloek:0-999min
Distance of hanging basket up-down moving:55±1mm
From net of hanging basket lifting to under liquid surface 25mm
Times of hanging basket up-down repeating:30-32t/min
From net of basket descending to vessel's bottom 25mm
Heat protective against overheating:60±5°C

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