Thursday, 21 June 2012

Auto Open Capsule Taking Powder Machine (Shell Board)

1. Our auto open capsule taking powder machine (shell board) is of stainless steel.
2. It is provided with a convenient washing device that allows complete cleanout to be done within a few minutes.
3. It can recycle medicament for 00# - 4# capsules.
4. This auto open capsule taking powder machine (shell board) can greatly increase working efficiency, reduce labor cost, and increase utility.
5. The shelling board and capsule opening functions could be carried out separately. The capsules can initially be pressed then discharged. Both the medicine powders and empty capsules can be automatically stored.
Technical Parameters
Output 0.38Kw
Power 220V 50HZ 1A
Production 100-300 pills/min
Efficiency 66 plates/min
Weight 130KG
Overall dimension 750×480×1500mm

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