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Desiccant Squeeze Machine

Desiccant Squeeze Machine 
Desiccant Squeeze Machine
This desiccant squeeze machine is specially designed for squeezing desiccant during the packing of aluminum-plastic drug plates. It cuts the coiled desiccant bags with color patch or without color patch and have they packed in pillow type when they drop onto the drug plates. This desiccant squeeze machine is qualified for GMP standards.
Features of Desiccant Squeeze Machine
1. Ths desiccant squeeze machine is of high intellectualize for its electrical, mechanical and optical systems. It is of mechanical and photo electrical double-connection sensing technology. It requires no color patch and has desiccant bag changing, self-diagnosis, alarm and other functions. Therefore, it can work continuously and precisely and cause no wastage of the materials.
2. It is controlled by PLC programmable controller.
3. Its TD-200 screen displays the parameters. This makes it really easy for an operator to make adjustments to the machine.
4. With compact structure and small volume, this machine occupies small space and thus has reduced costs.
5. Stable and durable, this packing machine does not need to change the accessories frequently.
6. It can run fully-automatically, requiring no special personnel to operate the machine.
7. This desiccant squeeze machine is of high squeezing speed and is therefore suitable for factories with high production capacity.
Parameters of Desiccant Squeeze Machine
Size of desiccant bag Width: 20-40mm coiled strip-type desiccant bags
Production capacity 30-80bags/min, 13000-33000 bags/7 hours
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated voltage AC220V
Power 0.25KW
Overall dimension L×W×H 685×900×1850mm

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