Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Herbal Medicine Extract Atomizing\Spray Dryer

Detailed Product Description
Productivity:  200set/Year
Unit Price/Payment:  USD 5000~500000
HS Code:  8419399090
Trademark:  Yigan
Origin:  China
Min. Order:  1set
Structure:  Spraying Drier
Movement Way:  Spraying
Heating Mode:  Convective
Operational Method:  Continuous
Operation Pressure:  Atmospheric Dryer

Export Markets:  North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Herbal Medicine Extract Atomizing Dryer\Spray Dryer
The machine adapts full seal from. It is equipped with three grades of purifying apparatus. The filtered air reaches the requirement of one hundred thousand-level, The cooling appetites of wall is installed in the cylinder body and top, which makes the wall temperature less than 80 C. So, this kind of dryer is suitable for material with high content of sugar
Moreover, the phenomenon of carbonization and degeneration will not happen. Material receiving rate is raised greatly. Moreover it can not produce the phenomenon of medicine mixing and wall staying.
Basic principle
This equipment is an application of centrifuge atomizing technique for special raw material. It is an apparatus using high-speed centrifuge atomizer to make raw material distribute in fog that contacts with hot air fully and finish the dry momentarily and form powder finished product.
The special drier for immersed ointment of traditional Chinese medicine is used to solve immersed ointment of traditional Chinese medicine and extracted liquid of plant. It selves the conditions existed in original LPG high-speed atomizing dryer. In view of this, according to the properties and process requirements of immersed ointment of traditional Chinese medicine, our factory researched and designed the special drier for immersed ointment of traditional Chinese medicine and won two items of China patent.
1. Being adapted three grade air purification, the inlet air reaches the requirement of one hundred thousand grade;
2. Being adapted wall cooling device, the temperature of inner wall will be 80~C, Even if raw material is stayed on the wall, it can not carbonize;
3. Its whole volume is 3.5 times of standard LPG high- speed atomizing dryer;
4. Being adapted quick washing device, it is can meet the requirements of production for variety products;
5, Being adapted quick washing device, there is no powder dust out, It is conformity with the requirement of GMP;
6. Being adapted air sweeping device, the clean effect is satisfied;
7. Equipped two sets of atomizer and adapted frequency control;
8. Adapted PLC control and display and adapted frequency control;
9. Equipped with washing device;
10. Adapt the seal method to transport dry air.

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