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dlb240 Multifunctional Automatic Alu-Alu medicine packing machine

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dlb240 Multifunctional Automatic Alu-Alu medicine packing machine
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medicine packing machinery is drawing length driven by servo motor, with high precision transmission.
medicine packing machinery , Multifunctional automatic Alu-Alu packaging machine
Capability and Characteristic:
1.Reasonable whole layout and novel appearance design, with transparent security casters, easy to operate and ensure safety produce.
2.All transmission adopts synchronizing belt driven, which ensure transmission rigidity and no need to add any lubricant, and with lower noise, easy to maintain.
3.Sealing roller could be changed in the range, which can satisfy strip length changing, fit for diversification of strips.
4.Mould changing is easy and convenient, humanization design.
5.Drawing length driven by servo motor, with high precision transmission, exact strip orientation and good length consistency.
6.Finished products output in order, waster rejecting and collecting, which is better for linking the next packaging procedure to realize automatic produce.
7.With mark registration checking function, perfect detecting and rejecting system, which ensure the reliability.
8.Adopt PLC control, touch screen operation, words and numeric display, failure remind, the running speed, temperature and drawing adjustment could be set on touch screen, humanization design make the operation and adjustment easier and more convenient.
9.Vibration feeder mechanism, with medicine level detecting mechanism.
Main Function:
Material automatic feeding, automatic rolling and sealing, perforation, lot number embossing, waste cutting, mark registration checking, strip cutting and output orderly.
Applicable Object:
ALU-ALU light-proof strip packaging for solid articles such as pills, capsules in medical industry, electronic components and elements.
Packaging material:
Al and plastic compound membrane:240×0.05--0.2mm
Usaging Requirements:
Main motor power1.5Kw
Total power6Kw
Air pump volume: 0.2M³
Pressure: 0.60.8Mpa
Overall Dimensions:
Main Technical Parameters:

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