Saturday, 7 July 2012

Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine

Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine 

Description of Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
The flat plate blister packing machine is one of our innovative products designed based on German and Italian machinery and domestic similar products. With performance up to the international advanced level, the blister packing machine is widely used in the fields of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, medical appliances and electronics for the aluminum-plastic and paper-plastic airtight packaging of capsules, tablets, big honey pills, milk powder candies, chocolates, injectors, infusion tubes, syringe needles, electronic components and devices, etc. The moisture-proof, dust-proof packaging offered by the flat plate blister packing machine can help improve the quality and added value of products.
Features of Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
1. The flat plate blister packing machine has compact configuration, stable running, easy operation and maintenance.
2. The blister packaging machine provides heat sealing. The cylinder raises the check board automatically to avoid the distortion of bubble caused by the radiation on machine stopping, which releases the pressure at the same time to lengthen the life of the machine.
3. The stations for forming, heat-sealing, pressing, and cutting all are modularized. Every station can be adjusted freely by hand wheel and be indicated by index and scale, which improves the efficiency of commissioning of machine, saves packing material and makes commissioning more scientific.
4. The flat plate blister packing machine uses touch panel, and is easy to operate.
5. The core electrical unit can utilize PLC, modular, intelligent control and man-machine interface, which contributes to the improved quality of the product and enlarged information memory.
Specifications of Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
Punch Frequency 20~45times/min
Productivity 72,000-236,000 pcs/h
Max. forming area and forming depth 120x240x26mm
Range of adjustable distance 30~120mm
Width and thickness of PVC and PTP PVC: 0.15~0.45x250mm PTP: 0.02~0.03x250mm
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Power 6KW
Air consumption ≥0.38m³/min
Cooling of mold Tap water or cycling water, 60L/H
Overall dimension 3650x825x1735mm (LxWxH)
Dimension of packaging case 3800x1050x1900mm (LxWxH)
Weight 1500kg


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