Friday, 27 July 2012

PLY Series Medicine Auto By-pass Filter Centrifuge Machine

After long time research and experiments, by using innovative centrifugal filter theory and advanced technology, we provide you with the PLY type by-pass filter centrifuge machine with high separation efficiency, automatic control functions and in according with the GMP requirement. This machine is characterized by high-efficiency and low-energy consumption, reliability of service, running smooth, easy maintenance.
Application Fields:
PLY centrifuge is an auto intermittent unloading filter machine, It is mainly used in: Separating suspending liquids with solid phase particle size from 5µm to 2mm, Part of them can up to 2μm. Handing suspending liquids with solid phase content 2%-50%;Solid phase yield coefficient up to 99%.
Application Area: Medicine industry: antibiotic, vitamin, intermediate of synthetic medicine, alkaloids extraction.
Chemical industry: intermediate of dyestuff, Fine Chemicals products, Potassium perchlorate,Isophthalonitrile.
Food industry: starch, glucose, gourmet powder.
Light industry: Teasaponin extraction.
1. High filtering efficiency, 200%-300% compared with traditional centrifuges
2. No destruction of solid phase grains during abruption、unloading and so on.
3. The Filter medium can be used long time and easy regeneration.
4. Complete unloading, reducing solid phase loss
5.Airtight, air-protective and isolated operation possible, especially applicable in separating such suspending liquids as Explosive, toxic, radioactive, and aseptic requirement.
6. Unloaded solid phase materials being in loosened form, which is convenient for the next process (eg drying etc.)
During separation the drum is an airtight rotating body in which suspending liquid is sedimentated and filtered at the same time. Liquid phase overflow out of the drum through Radial-layout filter boards, and directly penetrate filter mediums instead of passing through solid phase settle layer, thus achieving highly efficient filtering without filter cake layers. A non-contact layer of material control device is fixed in the drum to prevent overflow of suspending liquid from the inlet during feeding avoid suspending liquid loss and achieve high yield coefficient. The drum shell is a poreless cylinder with higher strength and safety than traditional pore drums.
Driving system:
Main motor can be adjusted the speed with frequency conversion, and can be steplessly adjusted rotating and unloading speed. Each step as starting, speed changing and stopping is carried out smoothly with no shock and low energy consumption. Main bearings are supplied with oil by a separate pump to ensure a long service life.
Control system:
BY Color touch screen and micro-computer (PLC) control, according to process requirements and conditions the operation system can be arbitrarily switched into manual or automatic control mode. In the process of All operations, you can arbitrarily adjust the process parameters through the man-machine interface and can set procedure according to the technology needs for automatic completing automatic operation such as liquid supply, liquid off, cleaning and solid phase unloading.
Solid phase unloading system:
A pushing device, consisting of front and rear caps of the drum and Radial-layout filter boards, carries out unloading smoothly by hydraulic drive, without solid phase residue left on drum shell. If there are special requirements for the perfectness of crystalline garins the drum rotating speed during solid phase unloading can be adjusted according to the physical properties of materials so as not to destroy the crystal form. >Feeding and solid phase materials washing system:
The pneumatic pushing valve is interlocked with the layer of material control device in the drum and automatically controlling feeding quantity.
A spray nozzle for washing liquid is mounted in the middle of the feeding pipe, thus washing liquid spouts uniformly in all directions to clean the layer of material.
Structure of solid phase washed in the washing liquid can be supplied according to special requirement.
Main parameters:
Diameter of drum(mm)
Rotating speed(r/min)
Available volume of rotary drum(L)
Max loading weight of rotary drum(kg)
Max separating factor
Stroke of material-pushing(mm)

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